With more and more people trying to look out for the future of our environment, we see a growing trend in folk art (art that is made from recycling or reusing other existing materials). Of this, we see a lot of reclaimed wood art. There are many beautiful things that can be crafted from reclaimed wood as well as other recycled materials. It takes a truly artistic mind to look at what many people would consider to be trash and turn it into something special and beautiful.

We have many of these items for sale on our website and it makes us feel great to be able to offer products that are not only beautiful and unique but good for the environment and the future of our earth. We’re proud to offer products from artists such as these who take advantage of an opportunity to help our earth and create such amazing pieces of artwork.

What is reclaimed wood?

So what do we mean by “reclaimed wood”? Reclaimed wood refers to wood which has been salvaged from the forest to help make way for new growth. Often it is pieces that were deemed “unusable” by other sources. Instead of trashing this wood or leading to deforestation, the wood is salvaged and used for something else.

“Recycled wood” is another term that is sometimes used for reclaimed wood or sometimes used to refer to wood that has been used for something else previously and instead of being thrown out, is now used to create something else. Refurbishing wood furniture or turning furniture pieces into décor or art is one way to use recycled wood in art.

Art That Makes a Difference

Many of our products over at Unique Décor Online are made from reclaimed wood or other recycled materials. These make home décor or gift items that you can truly feel good about giving because you know you are doing your part to protect our environment. Imagine how good it would feel to give a gift like this or to purchase a clock or other home décor item to display in your home. This is truly art that makes a difference!

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