As far as phones go, the Nokia 8800 Arte Gold is top of the pile, not purely because it is in fact, as the name suggest, plated in 18 carat gold but also due to the wealth of features and exclusive styling which portrays this phone as one that would normally be held in the hands of royalty. Not content with gold plating, Nokia also adds genuine leather padding to this phone to ensure the decadent feel of this phone is continued.

The phone offers a wealth of luxury and features that provides its user with the ability to complete many tasks that would be expected from a phone of this magnitude. From ambient light sensors which adjusts the brightness of the screen to match the prevailing conditions, to an inversion feature which allows the user to mute calls by a deft movement of the hand. This phone is an opulent menagerie of function and fashion.

An impressive 2 inch screen provides lifelike colours via its 16 million available colour variants. With contrast and brightness controlled automatically by an ambient light sensor. A feature that is underestimated but thoroughly useful.

A 3.2 megapixel camera offers a superb quality picture resolution and includes an 8 x digital zoom for those photos of items that are further away than can be taken without the zoom. Auto focus, as you would expect from a phone such as this, provides the means to take excellent quality images, sharp and in focus without any effort. Connectivity is provided by means of a USB and Bluetooth connections, enabling swift and efficient file transfer between either pc or Bluetooth enabled devices. The phone comes with an impressive 4GB of memory storage, which is more than enough to handle the needs of anyone.

The Nokia 8800 Arte Gold is an impressive mobile phone, it sits well in any setting and its opulent looks belie its useful features, of which there are numerous. The stylish and fashionable looks are proving to be a popular choice and its finding favour with many. The phone works on so many different levels that it encases many demographic groups and this may well be one of its major benefits. Looks and style, function and form, all in all a winning combination.

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